Our History

The People's Own Savings Bank, formerly the Post Office Savings Bank, was established in 1904 as a statutory fund to mobilise savings for national development. The Bank commenced its operations through the Post Office infrastructure network. In 1965 the Post Office Savings Bank Act [Chapter 249] was promulgated providing for the administration of the Savings Bank by the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) on an agency basis.

Our Mandate

The Bank derives its mandate from the People’s Own Savings Bank Act [Chapter 24:22] of 1999. The Bank’s main functions are to;

(i) Accept deposits that are repayable with interest.

(ii) Provide banking and financial services for the people of Zimbabwe.

(iii) Encourage saving by the people of Zimbabwe.

(iv) Grant loans and advances to the people of Zimbabwe.

Our Vision

“To be a world class Savings Bank catering for all”

Our Mission

“A savings Bank which mobilises deposits and provides a broad range of appropriate, quality, accessible and affordable financial services.”

Our Clients





-Clubs and Associations


-Financial Institutions

-Local Authorities

-Government Ministries



Why choose us?

Some reasons why you should Bank with us


We are a Financial Powerhouse

POSB is a financial powerhouse that has stood the test of time for over a century, championing financial inclusion for all Zimbabweans.


We have experienced Personnel

The People’s Own Savings Bank is a dynamic and progressive bank that has stability, innovation, lowest fees and charges, a wide distribution network and deep expertise.


We Deliver

At POSB, state-of-the-art products, services and expertise meet to deliver high performance that compares to any other. When you bank with POSB, you Bank on solid ground.

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