Mr Admore Kandlela

Chief Executive Officer

Admore has strong managerial background with senior level local /international experience and cross sector exposure. He possesses good strategic appreciation and vision, ability to build and implement sophisticated plans with a proven track record explicitly supporting business needs. He is self-driven and self- reliant, sets aims and targets and leads by example using a collaborative approach with good interpersonal skills to engage, motivate and encourage others through change. His academic qualifications include MBA in Responsible Banking (IEB, WSBI, LSE), Masters in Business Administration (NUST), BSc Economics Hons, FBC (Sierra Leone) and NID Computer Studies (Harare Polytechnic College). He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers (FIOBZ). Admore has held various positions in business including Risk Manager (Agribank), Chief Economist (Agricultural Finance Corporation), Senior Economist (Agricultrual Finance Corporation), Senior Economist (Post & Telecommunications Corporation), Project Analyst (SEDCO). He was appointed CEO in March 2003.

Other Services that you might want to know

Investment Banking

The bank offers tax free highly competitive investment banking products namely call accounts, bankers’ acceptances and certificate of deposits.

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Corporate Account

The Bank offers competitive products and services which are tailor made to suit the banking requirements of both large corporates and small to medium enterprises.

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Esteem Banking

Through the private banking arm of POSB, the upmarket and more discerning clientele can enjoy the benefits of priority banking both in POSB branches and dedicated private banking branches.

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Personal Loans

POSB offers an array of affordable loan products which can be accessed by individuals. The loans can be used for various purposes by the applicant

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